He spent six months alone in a cave underground. Darkness. Bats. And a whole lot of guano! This modern caveman was also a product and victim of technology…something we can all relate to. Thankfully, digital expert Amy Blankson, the Luddites, and an accidental invention all teach us how to find happiness with our tools.


How has your repeated use of the internet influenced the way you think? How has it helped? Where has it hurt?


Turn off your notifications. That’s it.

Turn off Slack notifications, even social media alerts. Those disruptive culprits interrupt your daily life and flow of thought. Don’t worry, you’ll still get to them. Amy told me that it’s best to check them in batches. Because when you do, you’ll be the one calling the shots. You’re the one deciding when you’ll engage with the content. You intentionally use the technology, as opposed to letting the technology use you, often throwing you into the mud of multi-tasking.


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